Starting a Business In Canada

1. How long is the process?
Answer: A minimum of 6 months to obtain first stage approval to come to Canada and start your business.

2. Do I need to provide English language proficiency?
Answer: An English proficiency test is not a requirement; however, it is encouraged to improve your score in the Points Assessment Grid.

3. What is the minimum net worth that I must show?
Answer: No less than $500,000 CAD.

4. What kind of business experience must I show?
Answer: Business ownership and active management of a business operation. You must have a minimum of 4-years entrepreneurship within the 10-years proceeding submission of an EOI.

5. Can I use Senior Management Experience?
Answer: Senior Management experience alone will not qualify you.

6. How can I prove my net worth?
Answer: SINP provides you with two professional third-party financial service providers to select from. This report will be used as the basis to determine your financial net worth.

7. Do I have to show my accumulation of funds?
Answer: Yes. In order to be considered for nomination into the Entrepreneur program, SINP must have verification through their third-party provider that you are accumulating funds through legitimate and legal means.

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